Monday, March 29


Managed it in four days, thats pretty quick for me.

Thursday, March 25


Started a charcoal piece tonight. Cross your fingers, and I might finish it soon.

Thursday, March 18


Big post, from my sketch book. First two are little collaboration's I did with a couple friends. Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 16

Sketched Out

So I just uploaded a number of drawings from my sketchbook. I'm going to deprive my 7 ravenous fans for another night though. Seeing as I am quite tired and my bed looks quite inviting.

Wednesday, March 10

Running on Autopilot

So I haven't been getting really anything done lately. Just floating through the past few days. Watching a gross amount of The Office. Listening to the new Gorillaz album "Plastic Beach" (I highly recommend it if your looking for some new Gorillaz). Saw Alice in Wonderland, and i thoroughly enjoyed it, I thought it was visually stunning, and the though the story was a little uninspired, the characters made up for it. I'll be getting some stuff done and put up eventually. Like I said, I'm slow

Wednesday, March 3

I'm slow

at doing anything.

In other news, I'm looking forward to Alice and Wonderland, and am currently into the sounds from Animal Collective.

so to sum this post up:
I am

I am looking forward to

And I am listening to