Thursday, November 18

Acrylics I

Lets ignore the fact that I haven't posted on this thing for a lonnnng time, and just get straight to the meat of the post. Paints!

I've been wanting to get into painting, but due to financial reasons couldn't, and after getting some cash money picked up some brushes and cheap acrylics. So here are my first acrylics. they are each on 5" X 7" canvas boards.

Friday, September 24

Plannin' on scanning a good number of drawings and sketches in the very near future.

Tuesday, September 14

Gotta be less lazy

Gotta lotta shit I'll post. Once I scan it...

Hang tight, I haven't forgotten about this thing.

Wednesday, July 21


Already half way through the week. Where do the days go?

No list this time, just a couple drawings.

Thursday, July 1


So, I've been confronted with the truth that, plans often times will not work out the way originally envisioned by yourself. There are just too many different factors involved, especially with the more people involved. This simply just seems to be a truth of life, and something that needs to be understood. You can drive yourself crazy, wishing things would go the way you want, or you can re-asses the situation, figure what would be the best course of action, and continue forth from there.

Goals I have for this Summer:
1) Find/keep a job
2) Be frugal, and save money
3) Spend quality time with my loved ones
4) Stay productive
5) Complete a sketch every day
6) Complete a drawing every week
7) Not get bummed out about petty things, or even major things

I hope you're having a fine day

Monday, June 28


So heres a big old, meaty post straight from my sketch books. I'm pretty lame at posting on this thing regularly, so have a buncha new work to make up for it.

I'm still reeling from how quickly June went by. What I've been doing this past month? Getting a healthy dose of Team Fortress 2 in most days, catching up on all the sleep I missed out on the past 19 years, and applying/getting into The Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Anyways, if you got some free time (Which I'm assuming you do, since your reading this) check out, if your into space and technology and nebulas and shit.

How bout for tonights list, a list of comics that tickle my fancy:
1) Fear Agent, by Rick Remender
2) Watchmen & V for Vendetta, by Alan Moore
3) The Walking Dead, by Robert Kirkman
4) Hellboy, by Mike Mignola
5) The Amory Wars, by Claudio Sanchez
6) Batman: Year One, by Frank Miller
7) Tank Girl, by Jamie Hewlett

Yeah, if your into comics, nothin too new or exciting, but they're all good reads. And I'm a sucker for anything with zombies or drawn by Tony Moore (Gallery).

Leave me some comments/criticism/feedback/whatever if you get the urge, and thanks again for giving this a read.

Friday, June 11


An average day, since Summer began:
1) Wake up past noon
2) Write a to do list
3) Make a note to not go to bed so late, so I have more time in the day
4) Stumble/waste time on the computer
5) Meet up with friends
6) Repeat step 4, at friends house
7) Somehow stay up till 3-4 am, yet effectively accomplishing nothing from step 2
8) Goto bed
9) Repeat steps 1-8

Tuesday, May 25

End o' May

Well I'm a little bit shocked at how quickly the month of May went by. The lack of posts can be attributed to finals. and apathy. Apathy due to having to worry about finals. So just finals I guess. But I am done with said finals, so I can focus on more important stuff. Like taking naps.

Anyways how bout that oil 'spill' huh? What a fucking mess. I don't have any idea how an offshore drilling rig like that operates, and I'm sure its wildly complicated and a testament to oil extracting technology. But shouldn't there be some fail-safes? Any plans made in case of such a scenario?
Here's a link if you wanna read up on the story:

About that list. How 'bout a list about things I like making lists about:
1) To-Do lists
2) Lists that catalog stuff, like what I have in my bag, or pockets
3) What kind of gear I'd need in case of a zombie outbreak
4) Christmas lists
5) Birthday lists
6) shopping lists
7) lists that list things in numerical order of importance
8) pointless lists

Don't worry I promise I'll have more interesting lists in the future.

Thursday, May 6

Best Day Ever? or Best Day Ever?

Tonight was the opening for the 60th Shasta College Student Art Show. Free tuna sandwiches and carrot sticks were a plenty. A multitude of people were present and it was a wonderful show. Lots of talent and terrific artist attended. The kicker! My drawing was recognized by the Jurors, and I walked away with a cool 100 bucks.

A trip to In n' Out sweetened the night. I was fortunate to witness the majesty that beards can bestow on man. I was able to capture the magic by snagging a photo.

For tonights list; The 3 most talked about stories I've been hearing about on NPR:
1) The BP oil rig disaster
2) The election going on in the United Kingdom at the moment
3) That whole deal with Germany and how they are the leaders of the European Nation or something?

yup. Science Friday tomorrow.

Sunday, May 2

May Day

May is here. Hopefully the weather will make up its mind, and just give us sun (and little wind). My boards regripped, and I'm pretty stoked on shredding in the coming weeks for sure.

In other news, out of the 3 drawings I submitted to Shasta's art show, 1 made it (the drawings below this post). Just goes to show you, if you throw enough tacks at the wall, one of them is bound to stick. Woop!

I don't have any new drawings to post, but here, have a list of links!

So I'm, being such a big fan of lists, going to try sneaking a list into each post. So get stoked on that.