Monday, June 28


So heres a big old, meaty post straight from my sketch books. I'm pretty lame at posting on this thing regularly, so have a buncha new work to make up for it.

I'm still reeling from how quickly June went by. What I've been doing this past month? Getting a healthy dose of Team Fortress 2 in most days, catching up on all the sleep I missed out on the past 19 years, and applying/getting into The Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Anyways, if you got some free time (Which I'm assuming you do, since your reading this) check out, if your into space and technology and nebulas and shit.

How bout for tonights list, a list of comics that tickle my fancy:
1) Fear Agent, by Rick Remender
2) Watchmen & V for Vendetta, by Alan Moore
3) The Walking Dead, by Robert Kirkman
4) Hellboy, by Mike Mignola
5) The Amory Wars, by Claudio Sanchez
6) Batman: Year One, by Frank Miller
7) Tank Girl, by Jamie Hewlett

Yeah, if your into comics, nothin too new or exciting, but they're all good reads. And I'm a sucker for anything with zombies or drawn by Tony Moore (Gallery).

Leave me some comments/criticism/feedback/whatever if you get the urge, and thanks again for giving this a read.

Friday, June 11


An average day, since Summer began:
1) Wake up past noon
2) Write a to do list
3) Make a note to not go to bed so late, so I have more time in the day
4) Stumble/waste time on the computer
5) Meet up with friends
6) Repeat step 4, at friends house
7) Somehow stay up till 3-4 am, yet effectively accomplishing nothing from step 2
8) Goto bed
9) Repeat steps 1-8