Thursday, May 6

Best Day Ever? or Best Day Ever?

Tonight was the opening for the 60th Shasta College Student Art Show. Free tuna sandwiches and carrot sticks were a plenty. A multitude of people were present and it was a wonderful show. Lots of talent and terrific artist attended. The kicker! My drawing was recognized by the Jurors, and I walked away with a cool 100 bucks.

A trip to In n' Out sweetened the night. I was fortunate to witness the majesty that beards can bestow on man. I was able to capture the magic by snagging a photo.

For tonights list; The 3 most talked about stories I've been hearing about on NPR:
1) The BP oil rig disaster
2) The election going on in the United Kingdom at the moment
3) That whole deal with Germany and how they are the leaders of the European Nation or something?

yup. Science Friday tomorrow.

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