Tuesday, May 25

End o' May

Well I'm a little bit shocked at how quickly the month of May went by. The lack of posts can be attributed to finals. and apathy. Apathy due to having to worry about finals. So just finals I guess. But I am done with said finals, so I can focus on more important stuff. Like taking naps.

Anyways how bout that oil 'spill' huh? What a fucking mess. I don't have any idea how an offshore drilling rig like that operates, and I'm sure its wildly complicated and a testament to oil extracting technology. But shouldn't there be some fail-safes? Any plans made in case of such a scenario?
Here's a link if you wanna read up on the story:

About that list. How 'bout a list about things I like making lists about:
1) To-Do lists
2) Lists that catalog stuff, like what I have in my bag, or pockets
3) What kind of gear I'd need in case of a zombie outbreak
4) Christmas lists
5) Birthday lists
6) shopping lists
7) lists that list things in numerical order of importance
8) pointless lists

Don't worry I promise I'll have more interesting lists in the future.

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